UPick Shelf Clip System



UPICK Gravity Racks Carton Flow Adapter

UPICK Gravity Racks from UNARCO create a snap-together carton flow rack design with interchangeable parts and a patented shelf clip system which allows shelves to move on 1-1/2″ vertical centers.

UPICK Gravity racks provide a unique snap-together carton flow shelf design that attaches to the pallet rack uprights with a special clip.  This sturdy clip can attach to UNARCO pallet rack or any other manufacturers’ gravity racks with the use of a special carton flow adapter strip called a W-strip.

UNARCO pallet rack uprights can be specially punched for our patented shelf clip which will support shelving units, install with no drilling and minimal effort.  For pallet rack uprights that do not come pre-punched or existing uprights from another manufacturer, UNARCO can add W-Strips to the racking.  This W-strip will allow shelf clips to be used for installation after it is attached to the side of any post turning any standard pallet racks into gravity racks for carton flow.

The UPICK shelf clip is adjustable on 1-1/2″ vertical increments for complete flexibility within your gravity racks flow system.  Shelf clips are removed with no hardware to easily relocate gravity racks individual shelves.  The UPICK design will stay rigid enough to move with your gravity racks system for vertical movement as your warehouse storage needs change or case flow product increases or decreases in size or weight.

UPICK gravity racks come with a number of options including tilt trays, impact decks and a list of carton flow safety accessories.  In addition UPICK can be paired with Carton Trax carton flow track with steel axles or RhinoDeck full-width carton flow roller conveyor.  UNARCO also manufacturers KPICK (Kingway Carton Flow Rack) welded shelf design carton flow rack.

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