UPick Details



UPICK Gravity Racks knock down design costs less to ship
UPICK gravity racks components are easy to assemble as side members are interchangeable as are front and rear shelf members which snap together with no tools in your warehouse.

UPICK gravity racks carton flow systems are very adaptable for your warehouse storage needs.  Individual flow tracks can snap easily into your system without any tools.  Carton Trax steel axle carton flow tracks or RhinoDeck full-width conveyor style roller units can be placed as close together or as far apart as carton sizes require and additional lanes can be added to help support heavier product.

Carton Trax polyethylene wheels on anodized aluminum tracks come to your site ready to set into place.   They are secured on the “teeth” in the UPICK front and rear members and move easily by squeezing the bottom of the tracks to release the grip of the “teeth” that secures them.   UPICK gravity racks can also have segregated lanes with the use of Dividers that are easily inserted into the “teeth” on these front and rear members.

Additional track supports may be added at any time by snapping them to the side members of the system as load weights increase.  UPICK gravity racks grow with your system as warehouse storage needs change.

Front and rear shelving members as well as interchangeable sides of the UPICK gravity racks shelving units are held in place by placing shelf clips into the slotted holes in the pallet rack uprights.  For existing systems without UPICK side punching, a “W” strip can be added to the upright for securing the side members and shelves. UPICK gravity racks shelving clips are adjustable vertically on 1-1/2” centers to make moving shelves vertically a simple operation without the need for tools or drilling.

The UPICK snap-together system is a SNAP to install and even easier to reconfigure as your gravity racks needs change.  UNARCO also manufactures KPICK (Kingway Carton Flow Rack) welded shelf design for customers who prefer pre-assembled gravity racks.

For more photos of UPICK Gravity Racks Systems view UNARCO Carton Flow Rack Photo Gallery.