UPick Options


UPICK Carton Flow Rack Endless Options

UPICK Carton Flow Rack knock-down design is engineered to grow and adapt as your system needs change with carton flow options such as the impact decks shown above.

The knock-down design of UNARCO UPICK Carton Flow Rack Systems make it the perfect system to grow as your warehouse requirements change.  It is easy to add new flow lanes, tilt-trays, impact decks and even additional levels to use vertical space.

UPICK carton flow rack system can adapt to your warehouse needs by incorporating special options.   Besides the adjustability of adding lanes and dividers as carton size requirements change, support items can also be added to move heavier product or to guard against abuse due to heavy operational requirements.

The Tilt Tray option angles boxes or bins to face downward for easier viewing at the pick point, thereby increasing order picking accuracy on piece-picking. Warehouse pickers will greatly benefit from the Tilt Tray option because the angled bin position virtually eliminates the bending and straining involved in conventional pick point positions.

Carton Flow Rack Impact Decks can also increase the longevity of your carton flow system by adding a sturdy deck where boxes are loaded to stop damage to carton flow rack tracks at the loading point.

UPICK carton flow rack lane dividers snap into your system with ease and no tools required.  This is the perfect solution as box sizes change and product shifts throughout the warehouse storage.

Upgrade the carton flow rack lanes with Carton Trax steel axle premium flow track or RhinoDeck carton flow conveyor.  UNARCO also manufactures KPICK (Kingway Carton Flow Rack) welded shelf design as an alternative to UPICK.

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