Drive-Thru Rack


Drive-Thru Rack offers separate load and retrieval aisles

Drive-Thru Rack Systems are perfect for storing perishable or fast moving items because of the FIFO automatic stock rotation.

Drive-Thru rack systems are differentiated from Drive-In systems because they have a separate entry/exit point.  With Drive-Thru rack product  is rotated in a FIFO method which makes it more suitable for pallets that are date-sensitive.  The first pallet loaded on the rail system will be the first pallet removed from the opposite end of the system.

Various styles of Drive-Thru Rack layouts can be adapted to your warehouse space requirements. Unlike Drive-In rack , Drive-Thru rack will always require an additional aisle which eliminates some pallet locations and creates a less dense storage than Drive-In Rack.

The advantage of a Drive-Thru rack system is the efficient manner of separating loading and picking aisles. Because stock is rotated automatically, pickers do not have to handle pallets more than once and are always assured of picking the first pallet placed in the system.  This efficient design can also result in less rack damage as drivers do not have to enter the lanes as frequently for product removal.

Let UNARCO Engineers design the perfect rail system or structural Drive-Thru rack system to meet your warehouse storage needs.  A Drive-Thru racking system can be as durable as needed by adding safety protection accessories to protect the pallet rack from drivers entering and exiting the Drive-Thru system.

All operators in a Drive-Thru rack system need to adhere to strict safety guidelines because of the tight tolerances of the pallet rack and limited operating space.  Any damage to a Drive-Thru rack system should be reported immediately and the pallet rack should be repaired or replaced.

Whatever your warehouse space allocation, both Drive-In and Drive-Thru racking can provide extremely dense storage for pallets at a very affordable cost.

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