Retail Rack Dictionary M-N

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Tall M-Divider for Pallet Rack


Standard Pallet Rack M-Divider


M-Divider in Pallet Rack Bay

M-Divider: (m-bar, m-rod) An accessory that has tubing formed into the shape of an “M” with brackets that attach to rear beams. M-Dividers are used to separate large product such as windows, doors, moulding, etc.

Mill Line: A set up of machinery in a manufacturing plant which forms and produces parts from coils of steel. ex.: Beam mill is a continuous run of rolls which form a beam into its final shape.

Nuts and Bolts: Hardware needed for installation of beams, uprights and accessories.

Nominal Dimension: General expression which is used to describe a part that is not precise. For example, a part that is 2.95″  may be called by a nominal dimension of 3″.

Anchor Bolt


Flat Hard Bolt for Pallet Rack


Hardware Grade 5 Bolt


Pallet Rack Hardware Carriage Bolt