Retail Rack Dictionary C

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  • C-Weld

    Additional welding required for seismic conditions which welds top, front and bottom of beam.

  • Cable Beam Holder

    Cable Beam Holder e1344785269481Tool holder with a special hole for stringing a cable through to keep lumber and other tall items from falling forward into the aisle.

  • Camber

    (beam camber) Inward curve in the middle of a beam.

  • Cant Upright

    Cant Upright e1344785621203Special upright used for light storage above overhead doors in receiving. Very light capacity. Only used for empty boxes or empty pallets.

  • Carbon Content

    Amount of carbon in chemical makeup of steel which provides hardness.

  • Carriage Bolt

    Carriage Bolt e1344785318783A round headed bolt with an enlarged square neck at the top.

  • Codes

    Local and national system to insure safety of structures and installation of racks.

    • BOCA: Building Officials and Code Administrators
    • IBC: International Building Code
    • UBC: Uniform Building Code
    • SBC: Southern Building Code
  • Coil

    Roll of steel threaded through production mills for a continuous run to produce rack parts. Each coil weighs 10,000 – 15,000 lbs. (5 – 7.5 tons)

  • Channel Beam

    Channel Beam e1344785339528(fan beam) A special beam that attaches on an angle in the fan area and houses a lighting track that is necessary to electrify the fans and light fixtures for display.

  • Column

    Column e1344785771904Roll formed post section with punched key holes used to make an upright.

  • Column Back Stop

    Bracket Column Back Stop e1344785387368(safety column, pallet back stop) Post used vertically to stop pallets from falling or being pushed into aisles behind. Attached to rack system with column back stop brackets.

  • Column Protector

    Column Protector1 e1344785890439Steel accessory attached to the upright to take abuse so the column is not damaged by forklifts or pallets being moved.

  • Concentrated Load

    Concentrated Load1 e1344987263504(point load) A load which bears on a small area of the beam rather than being distributed throughout the pair of beams. ex. A pallet loaded in the center of a bay can cause a decrease in the capacity of the beams.

  • Core Carrier

    List provided by customer of specific freight companies they prefer to use.

  • Coupon

    Bone-shaped piece of steel used for a tensile test to determine its properties.

  • Cross Section

    Cross Section e1344785492655A piece of a column that is cut in the cross direction to provide a sample for testing.

  • Crossbar

    Crossbar e1344785509658Lateral tie which supports pallet loads and keeps beams from spreading.

  • Customer

    Always right.

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