Retail Rack Dictionary C

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Guide Wire for Pallet Rack

Rack Hardware-Carriage Bolt

Channel Beam

Pallet Rack Concentrated Load

Rack Crossbar Support

Uprigjt Cross Section

C-Weld: Additional welding required for seismic conditions which welds top, front and bottom of beam.

Cable Beam Holder: Tool holder with a special hole for stringing a cable through to keep lumber and other tall items from falling forward into the aisle.

Camber: (beam camber) Inward curve in the middle of a beam.

Cant Upright: Special upright used for light storage above overhead doors in receiving. Very light capacity. Only used for empty boxes or empty pallets.

Carbon Content: Amount of carbon in chemical makeup of steel which provides hardness.

Carriage Bolt: A round headed bolt with an enlarged square neck at the top.

Codes: Local and national system to insure safety of structures and installation of racks.

  • BOCA: Building Officials and Code Administrators
  • IBC: International Building Code
  • UBC: Uniform Building Code
  • SBC: Southern Building Code

Coil: Roll of steel threaded through production mills for a continuous run to produce rack parts. Each coil weighs 10,000 – 15,000 lbs. (5 – 7.5 tons)

Channel Beam: (fan beam) A special beam that attaches on an angle in the fan area and houses a lighting track that is necessary to electrify the fans and light fixtures for display.

Column: Roll formed post section with punched key holes used to make an upright.

Column Back Stop: (safety column, pallet back stop) Post used vertically to stop pallets from falling or being pushed into aisles behind. Attached to rack system with column back stop brackets.

Column Protector: Steel accessory attached to the upright to take abuse so the column is not damaged by forklifts or pallets being moved.

Concentrated Load: (point load) A load which bears on a small area of the beam rather than being distributed throughout the pair of beams. ex. A pallet loaded in the center of a bay can cause a decrease in the capacity of the beams.

Core Carrier: List provided by customer of specific freight companies they prefer to use.

Coupon: Bone-shaped piece of steel used for a tensile test to determine its properties.

Cross Section: A piece of a column that is cut in the cross direction to provide a sample for testing.

Crossbar: Lateral tie which supports pallet loads and keeps beams from spreading.

Customer: Always right.

Cantilever Upright for Pallet Rack

Upright Post

Vertical Pallet Back Stop

Column Protector for Pallet Rack