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Retail Pallet Rack Cantilevered Arms

Tool Holders support product with long handles and vertical items no matter what the size. A bracket that fastens to a rear beam and bolts securely below the beam keeps hard-to-store items very organized. Divider Arm lengths can vary for storage of any handled item or as a simple divider for product stored vertically.

Tool Holders typically have two arms protruding from the rear bracket, and the tool’s handle is slid between them. Tools ranging in size from long rakes to short hammers are kept organized and accessible for easy selection. Divider Arms have a single arm and are used to separate product such as pipe, conduit, rugs, and any other long items that must remain vertical within a bay.

Each arm is welded to the bracket on an upward angle to help keep heavier product from falling forward toward the front of the bay. Special configurations or spacing can be accommodated. Consult your salesman for available sizes or a sample.

Divider Arms and Tool Holders are not just for lawn tools or hammers, but are also useful for automotive belt storage and many other industries as well. Tool Holders and Divider Arms are no longer just for retail storage applications. Warehouse and distribution centers are utilizing Tool Holders to store many items that can be accessed easily. The flat plate on the front of the Tool Holders allows for barcode placement or other labeling.

UNARCO Tool Holders are available in Single arm or Double Arm
UNARCO Tool Holders are available in Single arm or Double Arm

System Highlights:

Retail Tool Holders and Divider Arms are useful for storing a wide range of merchandise in any pallet rack retail or warehouse environment, including:

  • Hammers and axes

  • Rakes and lawn tools

  • Yard shovels and snow shovels

  • Brooms and mops

  • Lawn and garden power equipment, such as string trimmers and pole saws

Unboxed items in a retail pallet rack store are hard to display, and UNARCO has a full range of retail storage ideas, such as Tool Holders of any size, to help store long-handled tools and hang items, rather than set them on a shelf. Tool Holders and Divider Arms for pallet racks also come with price label plaques for signage.

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Tool Holders and Divider Arms

Double and single arm options are available in any length needed, and they also have a handy product stop at the end of each arm to keep all items inside the bay and stored safely.

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