Interchangeable Locking Devices


Interchangeable pallet racking with teardrop shaped holes from UNARCO offers a variety of locking devices.  Interchangeable pallet racking is the industry standard. Adding onto your existing interchangeable pallet racking from any manufacturer is easy; the patented Interchangeable Gravity Lock connection is easy to install  and cannot be “sprung”.  In addition, UNARCO offers an automatic plunger style locking device which will work with any interchangeable rack.

Interchangeable Pallet Racking Lock Devices

UNARCO offers the patented Gravity Lock floating pin connection or Plunger style Push Lock – Both lock automatically when the Interchangeable pallet racking beam is seated.

Gravity Lock – Interchangeable Beam Locking Device

Relocating beams is a snap and requires no tools.  The interchangeable locking pin is raised as the pallet rack beam is inserted and then will rest in place once the beam seats. The beam is locked and held in place by the force of gravity even as forklifts or pallet loads below cause uplift. The locking mechanism is built into the interchangeable beam connector so it cannot be lost or misplaced.

Push Lock – Interchangeable Plunger Style Automatic Beam Locking Device

UNARCO offers a spring-loaded automatic locking device with tapered studs to fit every manufacturers’ Interchangeable pallet racking.  The Unarco Push Lock will work with odd-shaped teardrop holes and tapered interchangeable pallet racking.

Both the Gravity Lock and Push Lock connectors have heavy-duty studs, specially designed to lock intotear drop keyholes.

UNARCO offers different size beam connectors to meet your rack capacity and seismic requirements. All are engineered to prevent accidental disengagement and keep beams locked in place even in the most active warehouse.

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