Interchangeable Beam Sizes


UNARCO Interchangeable pallet racking beams  are one-piece support beams for which are roll-formed and continuously welded for durability and a smooth finish on all sides. The full range of lengths spanning from 36″-192″ is manufactured with different gauges to match the capacity you need with affordable pricing.

UNARCO offers a variety of height and gauge Interchangeable pallet racking beams to accommodate warehouse storage flexibility, including low-profile beams as shallow as 2-1/2″ high up to the sturdy 6″ high profile for longer lengths and heavy loads.

Interchangeable Pallet Racking Beams

UNARCO manufactures a roll-formed, continuously welded Interchangeable pallet racking beam to fit the profile of any warehouse storage criteria. From 2-1/2″ high to 6″ tall for the right capacity at the right price.

The 1-5/8″ vertical step design allows you to use standard-size wire decking or lumber to create shelves.   Due to UNARCO’s  2-3/4″ overall depth, the horizontal 1″ ledge offers a sizable surface to support decking material, loads and crossbar ties. Tight manufacturing bending tolerances are held for a crisp shape with uniform proportions.

Beams are welded robotically and in special semi-automatic fixtures for smooth seams and a finished look.  Special seismic welding patterns on beams can be ordered to accommodate local and national building code demands.

UNARCO can manufacture beams with integrated center punching or intermittent punching for special locking crossbars.

Whatever your Interchangeable pallet racking and warehouse storage needs, UNARCO has a beam to handle even the most demanding design loads.

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