Push Back Rack Density

PUSH BACK RACK  – Extra Storage Density

Push Back Rack Systems use warehouse space efficiently for maximum pallet storage density.  With an increasing number of products and warehouse storage space at a premium Push Back Rack is the perfect answer to increase pallet count with more pallet pick faces than traditional pallet rack by eliminating aisles.

Push Back Rack Nested Carts

UNARCO Push Back Rack carts are constructed of sturdy steel and nest within each other to help keep vertical space available for pallet storage.

Push Back Rack also offers excellent pallet accessibility from the aisle.  No need to drive into the pallet racking.

The higher the number of pallets and the deeper the lane, the more efficient Push Back Rack will be.

The UNARCO Push Back System is flexible for up to 6 pallets deep and can be arranged in back to back islands or stand alone runs.  There is no limit to the height of the Push Back System other than the reach of your fork truck or ceiling height.  Push Back Rack is even available for freezer and cooler applications and can be coated with hot zinc for longevity.

The low profile of UNARCO Push Back Rack Systems leave plenty of clearance room for pallets and can even lead to the ability to add another picking level.

Because the LIFO stock rotation is automatic and pallets are easily accessible, Push Back Rack is the perfect high occupancy storage application.

The simple rotation of stock with a Push Back System can be achieved by utilizing side by side lanes for similar product with varying dates.  As new product arrives adjacent Push Back lanes can be occupied up to six pallets deep so that pallets from the same date occupy the same lane and may be pulled from the aisle.  Likewise, duplicate pallets with a different date can be pulled up to six deep in the next lane.

  • Steel cart and rail systems allow for easy flow of carts forward to aisle picking location.
  • Dense storage limited only by ceiling height and pallet reach truck lift capability
  • Push Back Systems up to 6 pallets deep
  • LIFO stock rotation – Automatically fed by gravity

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