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Pallet Flow Rack

PALLET FLOW RACK – Skate Wheels & Gravity Move Pallets

UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack system is driven by gravity. Unlike static systems such as Drive-In racking, product flows back to a picking position and is easily accessible to the operator. It is perfect for fast-moving product with first-in/first out (FIFO) stock rotation. Heavy-duty skate wheels on sloped shelves allow palletized loads to flow forward for picking. The high-density storage utilizes warehouse space with fewer aisles.

How does pallet flow rack work?  Pallet Flow Rack can send pallets through standard pallet rack or to Carton Flow Systems consisting of multi-level pick modules to split loads into boxes or piece parts. With fewer aisles by storing pallets back to back, warehouse floor space utilization can be maximized.

Pallet Flow Rack Moves Full Pallets with Gravity

Pallet Flow Rack allows product to roll forward to the picking position with the use of metal skate wheels and gravity.

Smooth rolling metal skate wheels on sturdy rails come pre-assembled so that installation only requires dropping them into bays and securing with a tek screw.  Pallet Flow Rack made simple.

Pallet Flow in-line wheels come on 2″, 3″ or 4″ centers and  staggered wheels are available for heavier loads on 1-1/2″ or 2″ centers.  Pallet Flow lanes are easily created by dropping the track into the bay which fits securely in the step of the beam and a metal or nylon stop at the end keeps the pallet in the bay.

Pallets are loaded from one side of the pallet racking and selected from the other.  As each load is removed, the pallet load behind moves forward automatically to the picking position. This system is ideal for rotating perishables or date-sensitive inventory.

There is no limit to the size of a pallet flow project or storage density. Deep Lane Pallet Flow can be designed to store as many as twenty pallets deep with the use of electro-mechanical or pneumatic speed-braking systems. Simple braking systems can be placed throughout flow lanes to control pallet flow speed.

View photos of Pallet Flow Rack and Installations in the UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack Gallery.

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