RhinoDeck Components


RhinoDeck carton flow’s sturdy composition, added capacity and durability over other manufacturers’ gravity flow products comes from solid engineering and construction.   RhinoDeck low profile carton flow lanes incorporate rigid side channels that can drop into any manufacturers’ carton flow rack shelves and fits perfectly in UNARCO KPICK (Kingway style carton flow) or UPICK knock-down carton flow design.

RhinoDeck Carton Flow Rack - Durabilty and Ease of Installation

RhinoDeck full-width carton flow rollers are made with galvanized side channels, sturdy diamond-embossed aluminum rollers and Astel bushings to make any carton flow rack system flow better.

RhinoDeck CARTON FLOW BUSHING is made from durable Astel material and  provides superior carton flow.  Loads placed on RhinoDeck will flow forward to the picking position smoothly when the Astel busing is coupled with the 0.75″ diameter aluminum diamond embossed rollers.

RhinoDeck CARTON FLOW SIDE CHANNELS are  1.1″ high and are manufactured with galvanized steel for long lasting support and carton flow. RhinoDeck integrates these side channels with aluminum rollers to ship as a unit that simply drops into the carton flow rack.

NO HANGER BRACKETS or installation tools are needed;  it is easy to relocate carton flow tracks as SKU sizes change or your carton flow rack system grows.  Fewer adjustments are required due to the flexible nature of full-width rollers.

RhinoDeck 0.75 diameter DIAMOND EMBOSSED ROLLERS are created with rust-resistant aluminum and a unique diamond embossed design for extreme damage resistance.

Carton flow rack system FLEXIBILITY from RhinoDeck full-width rollers comes standard as lanes will drop into nearly any manufacturers’ existing or new system.  It is a snap to replace single carton flow tracks in existing carton flow rack of any style with RhinoDeck carton flow lane units.

RhinoTrac heavy-duty carton flow is available for product with more weight. Taller side channels with the same durable full-width carton flow roller system

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