Column Protectors

Column Protectors

Bolt Behind Column Protector

Bolt Behind Column Protector

Column Protector WIth Bottom Beam Placement

Column Protector With Bottom Beam

Straddle Protector Bolts On After Installation

Bolt-On Straddle Protector

Standard Formed Apex Column Protector

Apex Rack Column Protector

Anchored Column Protector for Pallet Rack

Anchored Column Protector

Column Protector Options

Pallet rack column protection options are available for any distribution center or warehouse installation. Because no two pallet rack systems are the same, UNARCO offers a wide array of designs for add-on rack protection. Column protectors are available in structural steel angle, formed steel and even curved straddle protectors that can be added at any point in the life of the rack.

Uprights that do not have a side punching pattern can use the bolt-behind option, floor anchored protector or front bolt on straddle protector. For pallet rack uprights with side punching, there are structural angle options and easy cost-effective Apex designs to wrap around the rack column for protection. Special hardware that is flush with the protector can also be added to help the keep sharp nuts and bolts out of the bay and stop product damage from column protector attachment.
UNARCO manufactures many types of column protectors in all different heights to help protect against forklift damage. The most common size of 12″ high is just one of many options because every warehouse has a different level of abuse. The additional cost of a column protector will pay for itself many times over during the life of a warehouse or distribution center.

Column Protectors Added At Installation Protect Pallet Rack

Pallet rack column protectors guard against dents and can help defend against an upright collapse. Rack protection is available for seismic and non-seismic rack uprights to protect uprights of any size or punching style including larger 4×3 rack columns and T-Bolt, Interchangeable, or structural pallet rack.

The most common accident in a warehouse is forklift collision and column protectors are cheap insurance against potential damage or failure. Let UNARCO find a column protector to protect your warehouse uprights from abuse.
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