Pallet Flow Pick Modules


Pallet Flow Pick Modules

Pallet Flow Rack Pick Modules deliver pallets to concentrated work cells within a multi-level system that flow forward to worker positions further product breakdown.

Pallet Flow Rack is an easy way to move full pallet loads and maintain inventory rotation in a FIFO basis.  Pallet Flow can be combined with Carton Flow or standard pallet racking, creating an efficient system where full pallets move forward to a picking position and automatically feed other systems that break them into cartons or pieces.

The full benefit of Pallet Flow is maximized when the vertical space in your warehouse is used for multi-level Pick Module installations.    Using skate wheels and gravity can minimize work load and keep picking positions stocked throughout all levels, allowing for deeper systems where pallets are store back to back.  Pallets can be placed at different levels within a Pick Module System to flow to worker concentration areas at conveyor.

Sturdy side rails provide support for even the deepest projects and add rigidity to the entire pallet rack system. The use of pneumatic or hydraulic braking systems can be incorporated for complex systems with extra depth and pallet can be store up to 20 deep.

UNARCO systems for multi-level projects or Pick Modules are engineered using our patented floor support system and integrated handrails and rack components. Stairs and handrail systems are incorporated in to the pallet racking where pallets flow to individual work cells using only gravity.  The ceiling is the only limit to the maximization of space within your warehouse.

Floor systems within the Pallet Flow Rack Pick Modules can be bar grating for additional brightness or durable resin decking for worker traffic at every level.

For more photos of Pick Module Pallet Flow Rack Systems view UNARCO Pallet Flow Rack Gallery.