Load Plaques

Why Install Load Plaques on Pallet Rack?

Load plaques serve as an everyday reminder of how much the racking will hold based on  the engineered and design rating of load capacity of the pallet rack. Plaques may also serve as a reminder of the original rack manufacturer for future orders or questions. The ANSI/RMI specification states that pallet rack installations should display load plaques. Local code and building and safety inspectors will also mandate that load plaques be installed in a prominent space on the pallet rack end-of-aisles.

load plaque

Warehouse managers change and turnover occurs in every distribution center. For this reason, there needs to be a reminder of the steel storage rack installation and who to contact with capacity questions. Load Plaques not only have the pallet load limits stated for forklift drivers as a daily reminder, but also can identify the pallet racking manufacturer. UNARCO can provide custom designed Load Plaques for your racking system as part of the project.

Keep forklift drivers and material handlers aware of the load limits of the pallet rack with bright yellow reminders at the end of every racking aisle. Safety should be the first concern of all warehouse workers and any changes to the pallet rack system should result in an engineering review and update to the Load Plaques that are in place.


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