UNARCO Pallet Rack Case Studies

Pallet Rack & Engineered Systems - UNARCO CASE STUDIES

UNARCO pallet rack is used in some of the largest and most efficient warehouses and distribution centers in the U.S.  Below are some case studies with UNARCO pallet rack integrated into order picking systems and fulfillment centers.  UNARCO pallet rack supports conveyors and sortation systems and integrates with pick modules and engineered systems.  Trade magazines and internet coverage of distribution center success stories involving UNARCO pallet racking and systems.  The links below share some of the pallet rack success stories from all facets of the distribution center and order fulfillment channels.  This list will grow as more customers share the news of their successes in their efforts to stay up with warehouse optimization and product flow.

MHEDA Journal - October 2016 - A Project Driven By Safety
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Modern Materials Handling MagazineModern Materials Handling Magazine October 2014 - BRG Sports DC - UNARCO Pick Module
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