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RhinoDeck Carton Flow


RhinoDeck is a Full Width Carton Flow Roller system which takes away maintenance headaches.   Manufactured with the same durability as RhinoTrac but with a smaller 1.1″ high profile, RhinoDeck will fit into any existing carton flow rack system.  The easy installation requires no hardware and the damage resistant full-width aluminum rollers provide the gravity flow you need in very active applications.

RhinoDeck Drop-in Carton Flow Rack - Full-Width Conveyor

RhinoDeck carton flow rack will work with nearly any manufacturers’ carton flow system to replace individual carton flow tracks with a full-width conveyor option for years of maintenance free operation.

RhinoDeck provides better product feed and more load capacity than traditional carton flow racks.  In performance tests, when placed side by side with traditional plastic wheel carton flow rack systems, RhinoDeck full-width roller units held up over ten times better.  This increased durability will save you money on maintenance costs and alleviate the worries of individual carton flow track replacement.

Fully  assembled RhinoDeck units simply drop into the racking system and rest on existing supports. Special ties can be inserted to fit with any other manufacturers’ carton flow rack product and even most older carton flow rack systems.

Split-case or full-case picking are easy with RhinoDeck’s sturdy, durable rollers.  Sloped shelves and the smooth flow of .75″ diameter diamond embossed rollers move product to the picking position by gravity flow.   That means there are no electrical components to require repair or system shutdowns.

RhinoDeck lanes will work with both UNARCO styles of carton flow rack – KPICK and UPICK.

There is no better answer to your carton flow rack needs than RhinoDeck full-width roller conveyor lanes.  Whether you are trying to fix a poorly functioning warehouse facility or provide a new installation that will last for years to come, RhinoDeck the most cost-effective answer for any carton flow rack requirement.
For more photos or RhinoDeck Carton Flow Rack view UNARCO RhinoTrac Photo Gallery.
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