Carton Trax Dimensions


Carton Flow Tracks For Improved Product Flow

UNARCO Carton Trax has a sturdy steel axle for reliable flow to make it the premium in carton flow track.  Heavy-duty and abuse-resistant polyethylene rollers provide the smoothest carton flow in the industry.

Carton Flow Tracks - Lane Dimensions
Carton Trax Premium carton flow tracks are adjustable on 1-1/2" centers for sturdy carton support with heavier cases.

The specially engineered steel axle tooth design allows closer wheel placement for a more reliable carton flow track.  The axle spins independently of the wheel to eliminate binding of the axle even through prolonged use and abuse.  Specially designed wheel retention prevents the track from seizing as boxes are repeatedly dropped on the carton flow tracks.

Carton Trax design makes it perfect for freezer applications and food storage with its galvanized side channels and increased durability under any conditions.

A larger 1.125" diameter wheel is made of abuse-resistant polyethylene plastic for increased durability.  Carton Trax white wheels make it easy for pickers to recognize carton flow track lanes and properly place cartons on tracks for flow.

Carton Trax chromate coated axles are a premium feature which provide greater corrosion resistance and smoother carton flow.

Carton Trax systems are gravity-driven and perfect for applications with numerous SKUs. Stock presents on a First-In/First-Out basis, which ensures inventory rotation.

UNARCO manufactures UPICK knock-down carton flow shelving or K-PICK (Kingway Carton Flow) welded shelf design.  Carton Trax will work with both designs and installs with no tools.  The modular UPICK system makes shipping and installation of even the most complex modules simple.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Axle Carton Flow Tracks
  • Specially engineered steel axle tooth design allows closer wheel placement for more reliable flow
  • Easy installation and quick adjustability as carton sizes and configurations change
  • Galvanized Side Channels
  • Tracks easily snap in with no tools required

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