Rhinotrac Dimensions


RHINOTRAC carton flow rack roller dimensions come in various widths to fit all of your carton sizes. They are available in 6″, 9″, 12″, and 15″ wide rollers. The 2.5″ high galvanized side channels and rollers are standard for all lengths. The overall height of the RhinoTrac carton flow rack unit is 2.625″ for any of these roller lengths, providing a low-profile for more product storage height.

RhinoTrac capacities are generally limited by the track support spacing; all track capacities exceed current carton flow tracks. RhinoTrac carton flow rack systems can be configured to maximize all of the carrying capacity of Rhinotrac by adding additional supports and attachments. Different length RhinoTrac carton flow rack roller units can be combined in the same bay and are easily re-configurable with no tools required. RhinoTrac units can be lifted from one bay and placed in another or moved from side to side within the same bay.

RhinoTrac is the solution to poorly functioning carton flow and high-maintenance systems where abuse and heavy traffic can interrupt flow. The full-width conveyor style carton flow rack fully supports cartons and boxes and improves flow on damaged cartons. Fit the correct RhinoTrac carton flow rack dimension to your specific product. The 6″, 9″, 12″, and 15″ wide units are available to fully support any size carton.

RhinoTrac Carton Flow Track Dimensions
RhinoTrac carton flow track dimensions with sturdy galvanized side channels and diamond embossed, aluminum carton flow rollers.

System Highlights:

Heavy-duty Carton Flow provided by RhinoTrac's sturdy construction is the perfect choice for demanding warehouses.

  • Carton flow roller widths available in 6", 9", 12", and 15" lanes

  • RhinoTrac lanes hang below the beam for maximum clearance and a convenient box stop

  • 0.75" diamond embossed rollers are available on 1", 2", and 3" centers

  • 2.5" side channel provides the most carton flow capacity in the industry

  • Track length is equal to upright depth - 7"

RhinoTrac lanes can be configured to meet nearly any carton flow capacity needed and additional rollers on closer centers also provide extra protection against the everyday impact of dropping boxes and cartons. Solid 0.25" carriage bolt tie rods hold side rails rigid for extra stability.

For more photos of RhinoTrac Carton Flow systems, view the UNARCO RhinoTrac Photo Gallery.

Sturdy Aluminum Roller Carton Flow

RhinoTrac carton flow rack rollers are diamond embossed and .75″ in diameter for sturdy carton support and reliable flow. Aluminum rollers are damage resistant for years of long life. For lighter product, RhinoDeck is available to drop into any manufacturer’s carton flow rack.

For more photos of RhinoTrac Carton Flow Rack, view the UNARCO RhinoTrac Carton Flow Photo Gallery.

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