RhinoTrac Capacities


RhinoTrac carton flow track roller dimensions come in various widths to fit all of your carton sizes. Carton flow rollers are available in 6″, 9″, 12″, and 15″ wide. The 2.625″ high galvanized side channels are standard for all carton flow track lengths. Carton flow track rollers are diamond embossed and made from rust-resistant aluminum tubing.

RhinoTrac carton flow track capacities are generally limited by the track support spacing. For impact areas, RhinoTrac carton flow rollers can be placed closer together for durability creating an almost solid surface area of carton flow tracks. All carton flow track capacities exceed any other current carton flow tracks manufactured by other suppliers. Carton flow rack systems can be configured to maximize all of the carrying capacity of RhinoTrac by adding additional supports, attachments, and RhinoTrac carton flow track options.

Different length carton flow roller units can be combined in the same bay and are easily re-configurable with no tools required. RhinoTrac carton flow tracks can be lifted from one bay and placed in another or moved from side-to-side within the same bay for complete carton flow rack flexibility.

All carton flow rack components are manufactured to exacting specifications and engineered for even the most demanding carton flow rack applications, including Pick Modules and other engineered systems and large applications.

RhinoTrac Carton Flow Capacities may be limited by bracket capacity. Check with UNARCO Engineering before designing lanes of more than 400 lbs./lane.
RhinoTrac Carton Flow Capacities may be limited by bracket capacity. Check with UNARCO Engineering before designing lanes of more than 400 lbs./lane.

System Highlights:

RhinoTrac Carton Flow is a heavy-duty full-width roller option that fits into pallet rack with integrated brackets.

  • All capacities are based on L/240 deflection calculation

  • The 2.5" high galvanized steel side channels provide the highest capacity of any carton flow shelf on the market

  • Pre-installed end brackets adjust to vary the length and ensure a proper fit

  • End supports are heavy-duty steel construction with durable plated finish

  • RhinoTrac roller widths of 6", 9", 12", and 15" available for full carton support

RhinoTrac is a versatile carton flow system that fits into any manufacturer's pallet racking with the use of sturdy, integrated brackets that adjust on-site to provide an exact fit. Brackets are available for roll-formed pallet rack and structural pallet racking to allow a retrofit to any warehouse. Brackets directly support side channels and allow the track to rest below the beam, which acts as a box end stop to keep cartons on the shelf.

For more photos of RhinoTrac Carton Flow systems, view the UNARCO RhinoTrac Photo Gallery.

RhinoTrac Stops Carton Flow Track Maintenance Issues

RhinoTrac is the solution to poorly functioning carton flow and high maintenance systems where abuse and heavy traffic can interrupt flow. Take any existing pallet rack system and add the gravity flow option of heavy-duty RhinoTrac. All size cartons flow with ease as greater box support stops intermediate hang-ups and maintenance of dislodged carton flow tracks.

For more photos of RhinoTrac Carton Flow Tracks, view the RhinoTrac Carton Flow Photo Gallery.

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