RhinoTrac Options


RhinoTrac carton flow rack is fully reconfigurable with  numerous options to aid in product selectivity and increase order picking accuracy such as tilt trays, box stops and knuckle shelves.  The same heavy-duty RhinoTrac carton flow rack design is also engineered into all of the RhinoTrac shelving options.  Sturdy steel structures are manufactured to last as long as durable RhinoTrac carton flow rollers.

RhinoTrac Carton Flow Rack Shelf Options

Create a RhinoTrac carton flow rack that is custom to your warehouse storage needs with options such as knuckle shelves and tilt trays which angle product toward the picker and box stops to keep cartons on the shelf.

Tilt trays angle the product downward, providing better visibility to insure order picking accuracy. A layback version is installed so that every level is recessed from the one below. This allows pickers to pick multiple levels with ease as they never have to reach under the shelf. A carton flow rack tilt tray provides a more ergonomic method of picking for employees as it requires less bending and reaching.

Knuckle shelves angle the rollers over the beam to place the product in the proper picking position and improve visibility.  Sturdy steel angled plates are assembled at UNARCO so there is not extra installation time required on-site.  RhinoTrac carton flow rack with knuckle shelf design continues the rollers right over the pallet rack beam and angles it to the order picker to help carton visibility.

A box stop on the end of the knuckle shelf provides a safe stop for the carton as it flows forward.  Thick gauged, pre-galvanized steel with a returned edge keeps pickers from being exposed to sharp edges.

Box stops and the knuckle shelves for RhinoTrac carton flow rack can arrive pre-installed and ready to drop into the pallet racking system.  Whether a small warehouse storage installation or a large engineered pick module system, RhinoTrac carton flow rack options can make order picking simple and more accurate.

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