Rhinotrac Components


The sturdy RhinoTrac carton flow rack construction along with the added capacity and durability over other manufacturers’ products comes from solid engineering and construction.  The Celcon bushing provides superior flow and durability.  Loads placed on RhinoTrac carton flow rack will flow forward smoothly to the picking position when coupled with the 0.75″ diameter aluminum diamond embossed rollers.

RhinoTrac Carton Flow Rack Components

RhinoTrac carton flow rack components are the most durable assembled units manufactured for carton flow. No other full-width carton flow track installs easier or is as durable.

RhinoTrac carton flow rack  incorporates a carriage bolt tie rod system which allows for easy roller replacement and provides rigid support for sturdy side channels. Each tie rod is 0.25″ in diameter to support this rigidity.

Side channels for RhinoTrac carton flow rack are 2.5″ high and made of galvanized steel for longevity and durability. This side channel provides more capacity than other manufacturers’ flow track and is sturdy enough to support the integrated bracket which comes pre-installed at both ends.

The integrated track supports eliminate the installation of brackets or a separate part. Because they are slotted on each side, the pitch of the track can be adjusted for a proper fit on-site and can change as your carton flow rack requirements change.
The superior bushing design, diamond embossed rollers and sturdy carriage bolt tie rod system have made RhinoTrac carton flow rack the highest standard in carton flow.  Save time on installation with drop-in RhinoTrac carton flow rack that varies in widths from 6″ to 15″ and moves within the bay as carton sizes evolve.
These sturdy components make RhinoTrac carton flow rack useful for simple applications or complicated pick module projects and distribution center racking of all sizes.  No one manufacturer in the industry has more combined engineering experience when it comes to carton flow rack.
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