Structural Rack – Bolted


UNARCO structural rack is available in bolted and interchangeable designs.  The rigidity of structural rack applications is enhanced in a bolted system.  Upright columns are punched on 4″ centers and beams are punched on 2″ centers for 2″ vertical beam adjustability.  Structural uprights can be used with structural beams or roll-formed beams for added economy; roll-formed beams may be bolted with the same 2″ adjustability.

Bolted Structural Rack

Structural Rack with a bolted connection is available with a structural rack beam or an roll-formed beam and bolt-on connector.

Structural racks are designed with high-strength structural steel C-Channels for added toughness and rigidity.  UNARCO offers 3″ and 4″ upright posts with sturdy structural steel bracing.  Heavy-duty structural beams range from 3″ to 6″ in height to meet the most demanding load criteria.

UNARCO also manufactures structural racks with a 3″ structural column with teardrop punching.  This allows the addition of interchangeable roll-formed beams as an economic and efficient option.

The racks are designed to prevent damage from forklift abuse.  The posts and beams are constructed from structural steel and are much thicker than roll-formed posts, particularly at the corners which are the primary impact points.

UNARCO engineering and design can solve any project dilemma and create a more efficient warehouse space.  Special designs including high capacity Pick Modules or Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS Systems) can adapt to any pallet load when using the capacities provided for by structural rack.

Applications for Drive-In/Drive-Thru racks as well as Push Back Rack and Pallet Flow Rack systems all gain extra durability with UNARCO structural steel rack designs.  When you combine the durability of structural with heavy-duty RhinoTrac Carton Flow you have the most efficient and maintenance free carton flow system available for ultra-high pick modules.

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