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Interchangeable Pallet Rack


Interchangeable pallet racking is a roll-formed design with tapered, teardrop shaped punching on 2″ centers along the face of uprights. Interchangeable teardrop rack will mix among different manufacturers’ teardrop punched uprights.  UNARCO beams and teardrop upright frames are interchangeable with pallet rack from all major suppliers, facilitating warehouse expansion, add-ons or damaged shelving replacement.

Interchangeable beams attach to the teardrop shaped keyholes of the upright columns with safe and sure locking devices including the UNARCO patented Gravity Lock or the automatic, positive locking plunger style beam locking device.

Building officials throughout the United States are well-acquainted with the InterchanInterchangeable Pallet Racking from UNARCOgeable Gravity Lock because of its ease of use and secure fastening.   Simply lift the Gravity Locking pin and drop the beam into place. Release the pin and gravity keeps the beam secure – no tools required.

A plunger style beam locking device is also available with shaved studs to fit with tapered upright holes from specific manufacturers.

UNARCO offers the versatile option of side holes in the uprights which allow for accessory attachment for pallet racking items.  As with the teardrop punching, holes are on 2″ centers. Interchangeable pallet racking uprights can also be punched with slotted side holes to accommodate UNARCO’s popular UPICK carton flow system.

Interchangeable pallet racking uprights are available in a variety of sizes for every range of capacity in both open and closed tube designs.  Superpost Closed tube uprights offer 30%-40% greater load capacities than same-gauge open-back design uprights and resist frontal impact up to five times more than a structural column.

For photos of Interchangeable Pallet Racking view UNARCO Pallet Rack Photo Gallery.

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