Pallet Rack Repair Safety

PALLET RACK REPAIR SAFETY – Warehouse Inspection & Repair

Pallet Rack Repair, pallet rack safety and warehouse inspections for racking damage and safety hazards should be part of a daily routine. Pallet rack is susceptible to damage from forklifts and pallet abuse. It is common in all warehouse applications and should be corrected as soon as possible. Damage to pallet rack bracing and upright columns can compromise the entire pallet rack system and lessen capacities of individual upright frames.

Pallet Rack Rack Repair Sloped Leg

Pallet rack repair safety and warehouse inspections should be part of every distribution center. Once discovered, pallet rack damage should be immediately repaired.

Pallet rack repair is a task for trained UNARCO installers who are competent in evaluating damage in warehouses and finding appropriate solutions. Cutting the pallet racking or repairing sections without unloading product is a skilled task and requires special installation repair teams.  A full engineering team is available to provide the capacities and best fit for your existing pallet rack system whether you need a welded repair kit or a bolted repair option.

UNARCO pallet rack repair kits can be made to fit all RMI rack manufacturers’ racking.  Accurate field measurements insure proper fit and a long-lasting solution. Straight leg rack repair kits allow placement of lower level beams.  Special Sloped-Leg upright repair kits can be manufactured which help eliminate future damage by causing the lower-level front upright post to slope away from the aisle.

Pallet rack safety is not only limited to damaged pallet racking.  It is also necessary to inspect pallet placement in the warehouse or distribution center as well as all attached pallet rack accessories and rack protection.

Whatever the extent of damage to your current pallet racking system, UNARCO can identify safety issues, provide a solution with minimal interruption during installation and help limit future rack damage.

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