Pallet Rack Repair – Welded vs Bolted

PALLET RACK REPAIR – Welded vs Bolted Kits

Pallet rack repair kits from UNARCO are designed to be extremely versatile because there are numerous rack manufacturers and many different pallet rack configurations and types of rack damage.  Straight leg or sloped leg designs can be engineered and configured to install onto any RMI rack manufacturer’s pallet rack.

Welded and Bolted Pallet Rack Repair Options

Bolted options are the safest and easiest choice but some installations require a welded pallet rack repair kit.

The simple solution to a quick-install is the bolted option. Repair kits that are bolted to frames do not present the fire-hazard of welding or require specialized welding technicians. Repair frames can be bolted to existing frames which are punched on the sides. The slotted side holes in repair kits line up with side punching in standing uprights and securely attach the kit to the exising rack upright frame.

Special pallet rack repair kits can also be developed to bolt through the front holes in the exising rack upright.  UNARCO engineering has created custom pallet rack repair kits for nearly every pallet rack manufacturer in America.

However, there are circumstances when there is no side punching in the existing uprights to attach the repair kit to and welding becomes the clear pallet rack repair option.  A welded option uses the same bracket on the repair kit attachment but it is welded to the existing frame instead.

Both applications are safe and will increase the longevity of the pallet rack system; however, the welded option requires additional equipment and field personnel with welding experience. UNARCO has a long list of trained installers who are able to safely restore your system with minimal interruption regardless of the application you choose.

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