Pallet Rack Repair – Sloped Leg

Stop Future Upright Abuse

UNARCO has developed a pallet rack repair kit to fix your existing frame and help prevent future damage. The Sloped-Leg upright pallet rack repair kit, manufactured with structural steel, is designed to slope the front post of the pallet rack upright away from the aisle to prevent forklift damage that commonly occurs in lower levels. Trained installers can complete the pallet rack repair without having to unload the pallet rack, saving time and minimizing disruption to daily operations.

Sloped-Leg pallet rack repair kits can be bolted or welded with all structural steel or with a tubular front post. The reinforcing saddle connector can be manufactured as a welded connection to the new frame bottom or installed with bolts on-site as two separate pieces. Existing uprights must have side punching to secure bolts through or can be bolted with a T-Bolt through the front of the pallet rack upright post.

Structural C- Channel bracing connects to a back saddle which wraps around the rear post of the upright; this bracket can also be bolted or field-welded, depending on the existing upright punching.

Pallet rack repair kits are manufactured to fit all major RMI manufacturers’ products. For a proper fit, pallet rack uprights should be measured and field dimensions sent to your sales representative or UNARCO engineering. Pallet rack repair safety should be a key concern in any warehouse.

The Sloped-Leg pallet rack repair kit is a highly-engineered, unique idea that keeps future repair costs to a minimum and makes your warehouse environment safer and more durable.

Help warehouse workers avoid pallet rack collisions by taking the upright rack legs out of their path.

Sloped-Leg pallet rack repair removes the lower upright from the path of forklift traffic
Sloped-Leg pallet rack repair removes the lower upright from the path of forklift traffic

System Highlights:

Sloped-Leg Rack Repair Kits, sometimes called cantilever-frame designs or cant-leg uprights, recess the lower section of the front column to decrease collision risk.

  • Helps eliminate forklift damage

  • Increases warehouse safety

  • Available for Drive-in Rack and Selective Pallet Rack

  • Sloped-leg repair kits can be retrofitted onto straight-leg upright frames

  • Recessed design by qualified Engineers can maintain high capacities needed

Pallet rack storage systems undergo daily abuse with normal operations. Gives forklift and material handlers an advantage in the busy warehouse with sloped-leg repair frames to fix the damage created and help stop future damage. The recessed leg that sloped back into the bay allows more room for error in the aisles. Cant-leg frames take the lower section of upright frames out of harm's way and reduce maintenance costs for future damage.

Frames must be manufactured and engineered by qualified designers for calculated frame capacities that will match the existing conditions of your warehouse.

For more photos of Pallet Rack Repair systems, view the UNARCO Pallet Rack Repair Photo Gallery.

Sloped-Leg Design

The angle of a sloped-leg frame is based on the rack dimensions and capacity requirements engineered into the repair solution. Repair solutions, with the addition of sloped-leg repair kits, can often be installed by qualified technicians without having to unload the entire pallet racking system.

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